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Yellamo Building Certifiers are a leading provider of Building Code of Australia, Fire Safety, Advancement and Building guidance in Sydney. This site supplies you with info on our services and the advantages private certification offers you. There are now many Building Certifier services that we can offer you – please talk to us BEFORE you decide to contact Council. Our services:

• Principal Certifying Authority

• Building Regulations Assessment

• Pre-Design BCA Recommendations

• Construction Certificates

• Building Evaluations

• Profession Certificates
• Council Matters – Advancement and Building

• Pre-Purchase Building Reports and Recommendations

• Fire Safety Audits/ Upgrades

• Vital Solutions Certification

• Building Assessment

Yellamo Building Certifiers are run by myself, Michael O’Malley. I am a completely insured and Certified Building Property Surveyor having more than 25 years experience in all building certification and fire security matters. Following changes in NSW much of the building approval work that was previously only permitted by Councils is now being completed by Private Certifiers such as myself. I am now offering my clients with the individual service, on-time shipment, proficiency and consistency that a Council is unable to provide.
Yellamo Building Certifiers can approve your building work to begin, perform all the required examinations and authorise occupation – all without Council inspector participation. Whether you are building a house addition, store fit out, apartment building or factory we can assist you. We can also offer you skilled guidance in all Building Code, Pre Purchase Recommendations and Fire Safety matters, including if you have been given a Fire Safety Notice/Order by a local Council inspector.
Yellamo Building Certifiers lie in Dean Park and Glendenning, Colebee, Quakers Hill, Hassall Grove, Plumpton, Oakhurst, Woodcroft, Doonside, Bidwill, Hebersham We are a mobile business and as a major part of our service we will concern you – whether in your offices or on-site. Get in touch with us now.


Why we are different

We‘ve built a team of trusted certified building certifiers who have experience operating in big organisations, but wish to enjoy the advantages of a store firm: stronger relationships with clients and a more effective way of working. The building certification process is intricate and ever-changing, but with the right support it doesn’t need to be difficult. We’re here to streamline the process, with a fresh method that delivers top quality results for your development and the community.
We believe remarkable service starts with interaction. That’s why we maintain a flat structure and provide you with access to your devoted certified building certifier at all times. By having one point of contact throughout the process, you’ll get the right answers at the right time, without any miscommunication or unnecessary delays. It’s all part of our commitment to providing a streamlined and effective service.
Our in-depth knowledge of the building certification process means we can offer skilled guidance on jobs of all sizes, including multi-unit domestic, commercial, industrial, retail, public utility and federal government developments. We comprehend the special requirements of particular industries, such as hygiene requirements for health care centers and security protocols for federal government structures.
Our streamlined, paperless systems keep us gotten in touch with your team and each other, whether we’re onsite, in the office or on the road. They provide real-time updates on the status of your project and swift turnaround times on building certification applications, with quality assurance procedures that maintain ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems requirements.
We provide clear, precise interpretation of legislation and stay notified of all market changes, offering clients with skilled guidance on how it will affect their development. Our team are members of different market bodies, including the Property Council of Australia, Australian Institute of Building Surveyors, Association of Accredited Certifiers and the Fire Defense Association. We’re continuously discovering and deepening our knowledge, so you get the right building certification guidance for your development.
With a lot competition in the Dean Park market, how do you find a personal certifier you can trust to deliver quality results? One alternative is to pick a company with ISO 9001 certification. It’s a globally recognised standard for quality management systems, so you can feel confident at every stage of development.
5 advantages of selecting a personal certifier with ISO 9001
Modern Building Certifiers (MBC) holds ISO 9001 certification and is individually examined, to ensure we maintain quality assurance for each project. The requirements cover a series of areas, with a focus on satisfying the needs of our clients throughout the building certification process. Here are 5 reasons to consider a personal certifier with ISO 9001 certification.

1. Continuous Improvement

The ISO 9001 standard is concentrated on constant improvement and results, instead of folders of documents that are placed on a rack to collect dust. This versatility means we can adapt the standards to match our clients, with efficiency procedures particularly created for each area of our business. Our concentrate on constant improvement also permits us to identify better methods of working, so we can decrease the threat of mistakes and make sure the developments we license are both safe and compliant.

2. Consumer Fulfillment

While ISO 9001 is created to improve the customer experience, it’s more than merely ensuring the company delivers a high standard of client service. The certification process takes a look at what goes on behind the scenes to support the shipment product or services. For example, MBC has strong interaction procedures in place so clients can access MBC Directors and other members of their team quickly. It also makes sure Accredited Building Certifiers can respond rapidly with the info that clients need for their certification.

3. Structured Methodology

Our streamlined method sets us apart from other private certifiers in Sydney. It shows our years of experience in the building market and naturally supports the ISO 9001 accreditation process, which aims to decrease inadequacies and mistakes. By offering clients with a devoted team for each project– including an MBC Director and Accredited Building Certifier– and saving all documentation securely in the cloud, we can rapidly identify non-compliances and assist clients satisfy all legislative and regulative requirements.

4. Evidence-Based Decision Making

One of the main principles of ISO 9001 accreditation is ensuring that all business decisions are based on proof. This is especially important for our Accredited Building Certifiers, who are accountable for ensuring developments are safe for occupation by the general public. Our streamlined, paperless systems are created so the info we need is easily offered to everybody in our team, no matter where they are. This permits us to stay agile and decrease delays in building accreditations.

5. Staff member Engagement

Staff members are important to the way quality improvement procedures are created and carried out, which is why they’re a vital part of the ISO 9001 accreditation process. We worth and purchase our staff, offering continuous education and training that not only enhances their career but also enhances the quality of results provided to clients. Our ‘always discovering’ attitude also permits us to keep our finger on the pulse, so we can assist clients navigate the continuous legislative and regulative changes in NSW.
If you’re trying to find a premium private certifier in Dean Park or Glendenning, Colebee, Quakers Hill, Hassall Grove, Plumpton, Oakhurst, Woodcroft, Doonside, Bidwill, Hebersham that holds ISO 9001 certification, call us today.
How to Hire a Personal Building Certifier
You can find private building certifiers through platforms such as Telephone directory or a simple Google search to find a company located near you.

Here are some things you should consider when making a selection.


If you wish to ensure that the private building certifier you hire is certified, you can contact the Queensland Building and Construction Commission to check their accreditation history.

This Commission performs audits on the certifiers’ work and makes sure that they follow a strict code of conduct, so you can always rely on the info provided.

ISO 9001
Hire a certifier with an ISO 9001 certification. This basic concentrates on constant improvements and results as they deal with more clients.

You will also find that ISO 9001 assists to improve customer experiences with a streamlined method to assist your building project satisfy legislative requirements.

Because this certification is generally examined by external celebrations, you can be positive working with certifiers that have this certification for top quality work and assurances.

The hiring costs for your building certifier will be specified within the arrangement before any work is started.

If you are hiring somebody from a personal firm, opportunities are the rates are quite basic and repaired.

Not surprisingly, the cost also depends on the scale of your building project– the more complex it is, the greater the cost that you can expect to pay.

A standard four-bedroom home might cost you approximately $500 in a backwoods, and approximately double the price in a city area.

In any case, it would always be a better decision to hire a home builder certifier for your jobs, and demand a price quotation before any arrangements are signed.

Why pick us?

Yellamo Building Certifiers are a friendly and professional team of Building Professionals Board (BPB) certified certifiers with comprehensive experience in the city.

With a focus on client service, our aim is to make sure the building approvals process is as streamlined and streamlined as possible while still offering a consistently high standard of work.

Efficient determinations: You won’t experience needlessly delays to begin your work.
Helping you prepare: We will provide guidance, through the quote, to make sure that your info packages thorough so there are no delays once you lodge your application and that all documentation is received upfront.

Value for money: All our quotes are exceptionally competitive against private certifiers and include all costs that need to be paid for the entire of the certification process.

Consumer satisfaction: The diversity of our team shows the local community and our aim is to make sure that you enjoy with your building certification experience and return to us. You will always get a return call or e-mail.

Our team has an expert understanding of all scope and scale of building works including modifications and additions to the household home varying to a variety of bigger and more intricate multi-residential, commercial and industrial building jobs.

Please call us for a totally free quote and a member of our team will call you within one day to assist to get things moving.

Remember, we have offices in Glendenning, Colebee, Quakers Hill, Hassall Grove, Plumpton, Oakhurst, Woodcroft, Doonside, Bidwill, Hebersham and Dean Park

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